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Nov. 27th, 2015 08:23 pm
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It's been a long time since I made words about anything.
I think I'm finally over my job and ready for a different one, even though change is scary. The weird part this time is it's unlikely I'll ever see any of the people at the current place again. Where as I can go into local stores from my other jobs and see people I use to work with.
I have no idea what I'll look for either. A friend pointed out that I'm likely to get bored pretty quickly working in and office. This is true, but I wonder if that's what I need though. Kind of like some people need the level of noise a coffee shop has to help them mentally focus. I always made so many more things when I was in school and going through the motions.

I started drawing my christmas card today because vista print has a sale going on for 60% off, and then when I ordered the cards I forgot to put in the code and paid full price anyhow. It reminded me though of something I read recently that Ursula Vernon posted. She mentioned how she doesn't really sketch because she would much rather be painting. I always felt so weird because I don't really sketch either, and artists always talk about how they have their sketchbooks with them all the time. All of my sketches are like instructions for something else, or to remember something. Picture notes.

I don't like coloring, but I like watercolors it seems. I hit a snag with them because I started hearing everyone's fears about using them. Don't ruin the drawing, don't make mud, don't go outside the lines, perfection. None of them are mine. Realizing that is pretty awesome, but also kind of sad. They come from one person mostly, and it's sad that those are the recordings playing for someone else. That there isn't anything I can say to make them go away, other than for myself.

I don't know where all that came from. I was going to talk about how I found my tennis racket and my brain has sort of abandoned me a lot lately so I want to play tennis right now...at night...in the dark. Noooo... Probably all the going to sleep later. And now that someone sent a text about it I have to see what's on sale for clothes. Any new job I get I'll likely need not t-shirt and jeans style things. Bloopy cat mode, melt into the desk move! *plup*


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