Apr. 9th, 2017

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For a really long time I didn't understand what people meant by having too many ideas. In the last year I've done some things and I guess they are working? Because now I know. Now I have this problem. It's like my brain is a sugar addled 12 year old "startablog startablog did you make one? wecantalkaboutstuff startablog" and generally kind of buzzing around spouting off any old idea. I have here, but it's strangely unpopular to be here. I wonder if people reacting to LJ stuff will change that. I say unpopular not like it's bad here, but that instead of migrating people just floated away.
So much of what I want to do hinges on me getting a new job though. I can only do so much with the limited free time I have. I LOVE doing projects and making shit, but even if I'm as efficient as possible I can choose to get sleep and make food, or I can make things. It sounds so dramatic, but it's mostly true. I'm up past my bedtime as it is right now.
This all reminds me of drinking, I think I'm the only adult who doesn't drink even though I know that's not true. But then things happen and subjects come up and other people don't drink either. The reason doesn't matter so much, it's like a little window that doesn't revolve around getting wasted. Slowly people are starting to not like facebook. Slowly I hear more people say how they're stepping back from it. They're looking up from their medias.

I wasn't really going anywhere with this. Other than that I want to start a blog, make book covers, make journal covers, make 3 matching kids sweaters for my nephew and his new cousins for christmas, I want to paint more, I want to paint bigger, finish the vision board I started that just says something about physics and "reindeer country" pasted on it, finally get all the shit out of my room that is clogging it up, make stamps for everything cause they're adorable (buy all the enamel pins cause they are also adorable).

this is me not going to bed. it's a mess.


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