Feb. 6th, 2015

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I tried going back to trillian for messaging because I thought I would be able to have facebook chat through there finally. I can't because it simply won't let me sign in to facebook. The whole everything in one place would be nice if it actually worked. At least I had bashed pidgin into working well enough. Trillian seems like a whole other thing. Nothing can ever be simple, and the more people say it is the less that's true. Trillian just looked better than freeware is all.

I did my taxes, ending with being yelled at about an italian beef sandwich getting cold. Then I found out that it was covered in cheese anyhow. I'm getting a decent amount of money back, but I need to sit on it or use it to fix my badly cracked car windshield. It will not make as much of a dent in my debt as I would like.

It's probably time to cry myself to sleep. I keep getting this crushing feeling that I'll be stuck where I am forever and nothing will ever change. It's a lonely feeling even though I know the loneliness and never changing is illogical. Sometimes its hard to feel loved when it's just you sitting in the dark though.


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